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Premium borderless card for a limitless life

The most rewarding experience for NRIs in USA

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Premium Spending Card (Coming Soon)

Get Abound card for you in USA and your loved ones in India

  • 2x cashback on 4,000+ Indian grocery stores 

  • No hidden fees

  • Free ATM access anywhere in US

  • Shared account access with India card

  • Exclusive benefits on shopping in India

Borderless Account (Coming Soon)

Unlock limitless possibilities and experiences with a single borderless account that works in both USA and India. Plus, enjoy faster money growth with a 3% on all cash deposits!

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How it works


Sign Up for free and link a valid bank account. No switching only linking!

Add Funds

Load funds in your account. It' simple fast and safe.

Start Spending

Start spending instantly with your virtual card while we deliver your physical card at home.

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