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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abound?
Abound is an app for Indians living in the US that gives cashback for shopping at any Indian grocery store. It also offers great remittance rates for sending funds to India, including a promotional rate of $1 = ₹85. You can also get exclusive offers from Disney, 1-800 Flowers and many more.

What are the charges for joining Abound?
Joining and using Abound is FREE

How can I redeem this offer to get cashback?
Make sure the checkbox for signing up for Abound is checked
Subscribe to Cricbuzz Monthly or Yearly plan After the payment, download the Abound app, login with your phone number, enter your bank details and withdraw the cashback to your bank account. Note: Cashback can be withdrawn after 30 days on accruing minimum $30 cashback

How much cashback do I get?
For monthly plan you get $9.99 cashback for 3 months effectively making it free for 3 months. For annual plan you get a flat $15 cashback for the yearly subscription

I am using Cricbuzz already, can I still get cashback?
No, as of now the offer is for new users of Cricbuzz only

I had subscribed with Willow and already redeemed monthly or yearly cashback, Can I still get the cashback?
No, the existing Abound users who’ve already redeemed their 3 months 100% cashbacks or $15 cashback on yearly subscription are not eligible to receive the cashback again.

How long will it take for the cashback to be credited?
Cashback will be credited to Abound wallet within 48 hours

Where will I get my cashback?
Cashback will be credited to your Abound app wallet

My cashback has not been credited yet, what should I do?
For any queries or you complaints related to cashback you can contact Abound using Live Chat on the Abound app or by emailing at

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