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Abound Help

1. How does the cash back work?

Whenever you purchase something from any of our partner stores, or redeem an offer online using our app you will be eligible to earn cash back. To get cashback on any offer, you must use the credit card associated with the bank that you have linked with Abound.


2. Why do I need to add my bank information?

We need your bank information so that we can automatically give cash back to you whenever you shop with our partners.


3. Is my bank information safe?

Yes! Your bank login credentials are never stored on Abound servers. Also, we use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure that your data is securely transmitted to Abound. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.


4. When can I withdraw my cash back?

You will be able to withdraw cash back to your linked bank account once you have reach a total of $30 in your wallet.


5. When will I get the cash back after my purchase?

Within 7 working days of a successful purchase we'll post the cash back in 'Pending' state & after 30 days it's deposited to your Abound account.


6. Why do I have to wait till $30 to withdraw?

Accumulating $30 in your account helps you avoid transfer fees when moving your cash to your bank account.


12. How do I activate my Willow membership?

Click the button on the Willow offer page and go to the Willow website to purchase a monthly subscription. After this, you will get $10 cash back for 3 months whenever a payment will be deducted from your linked debit/credit card.


13. What happens if I'm already a member of Willow?

If you have a monthly subscription for Willow you will get cash back on your monthly charge. This is not applicable if you have a yearly subscription.



1. How long does the refund take?

Normally, it takes approximately 3-4 business days for the refunded amount to appear in your bank account (excluding weekends and bank holidays) after we process the refund. It's important to note that this timeline may vary depending on the refund processing time of your bank. Rest assured, we strive to ensure a prompt refund process and work diligently to minimize any delays.

2. How can I see payment and transfer history?

To access your remittance history, log in to the app using your credentials and navigate to the remittance tab. Once there, you will find an option to check your remittance history. By selecting this option, you'll gain access to a comprehensive overview of your remittance transactions. This includes essential details such as transaction dates, recipient information, and the amounts sent.

3. Can I send money from someone else's ACH bank account/ Joint Account?

Please note that joint account usage is permissible only if you are listed as one of the authorized account holders. Sending money from someone else's account, where you are not an account holder, is not permitted.

4. What is the Monthly limit & daily limit for transfer?

Daily limit: $5,000

Monthly limit: $10,000

Yearly limit: $30,000


5. My transaction failed but I didn't receive my funds.

The transferred funds will be seamlessly deposited into your Abound balance, ready to be utilized for their next transaction.


6. My payment is deducted from my ACH account but the request failed where I can check my refund money (Abound balance/ Same Source)?

If a transaction fails, don't worry! You have options to resolve the issue. Firstly, you can retry the transaction, and during the final step, you will have visibility of your Abound balance, allowing you to utilize it for the transaction. Alternatively, if you prefer to have the funds returned to the original source, you can reach out to our dedicated support team. 

7. How can I cancel my transfer?

Yes, you can cancel a remittance transaction within 30 minutes of initiating it. Simply access the remittance history, select the specific transaction, and choose the cancellation option. Please note that this option is only available within the designated time window. For further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

8. Why is my verification status showing pending?

To finalize your account verification process, we kindly request you to provide one of the following documents:

  • A clear, front and back photo of your US-based Driver's license.

  • Scanned copies of the first and last pages of your valid Passport.

Please email the requested document to Once we receive the necessary documentation, our dedicated team will promptly verify your account within 24 hours.

9. Can I withdraw my Abound balance directly to my bank account?

To initiate a withdrawal from your Abound balance to your bank account, please reach out to our support team and submit a withdrawal request. Upon receiving your request, we will process the withdrawal. Please note that it may take up to 2-3 business days for the funds to be transferred from your Abound balance to your designated bank account.

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